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Visiting Faro, Portugal

Find out why many visitors enjoy spending a few days in Faro before heading out to explore the rest of the Algarve region in Portugal.

Located in Southern Portugal, Faro is the provincial capital of the Algarve Region. Although it is the location of the Faro International Airport -- and for many the starting point to other more popular destinations -- explorers of this quaint university town will find some unexpected treasures. As you drive your Algarve care hire through this charming historical area, make sure to stop and explore some of these must-see destinations.

If you love ancient ruins, historical cathedrals and magnificent palaces, Faro offers them all. Ancient ruins have survived in this area from both the Moors and the Romans. History buffs will appreciate the old part of the city surrounded by ancient Roman walls from the 9th century. Faro is also home to a spectacular 13th century cathedral, an 18th century Episcopal palace and a 16th century convent. A car hire in Portugal, preferably one that was reserved prior to arrival, is the best way to visit these historical tourist destinations.

Faro also offers a variety of museums worth visiting such as a naval museum called the Maritime Museum. Located by the harbor side, the Maritime Museum is a great place to learn about the area's maritime past as well as local fishing techniques. Vacationers can also visit the Municipal Museum of Archaeology via car hire in Faro, located inside the 16th century convent, where they will find a famous Roman mosaic, Roman statues and artifacts from the Baroque and Renaissance periods.

Nature lovers will enjoy the Rio Formosa, a stunning nature reserve and stopping place for a variety of birds. This large area extends along the edge of Portugal into Spain and is home to a variety of live organisms including fish, amphibians and reptiles. For those who wish to enjoy the beach while avoiding the large crowds can travel seven kilometers from the city to the Praia de Faro beach. This beautiful beach is quiet and secluded even during summer months. To visit the Praia de Faro beach, travelers must cross a bridge near the Faro Airport.