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Yor Car Hire Crystal Clean and Safe Sanitising Standards for Algarve - Portugal

Disinfect, Deliver, Disinfect, Seal

To ensure of cleanness and safety of our cars in all Algarve citites - Portugal, they are cleaned and disinfected following CDC guidelines with YOR Car 14-point cleaning process. We use Total disinfectant and seal the doors for your safety after cleaning process is done. "TURISMO DE PORTUGAL" has approved our compliance with CDC guidlines.

Yor Car Hire CRYSTAL CLEAN & SAFE 14-STEP Sanitising Process

  • At drop point, perform a full vehicle disinfection
  • A thorough inspection of the returned vehicle
  • Removing of trash and filing lost and found items
  • Vacuum cleaning of rear seats, interior front and car boot area
  • Wiping and cleaning of window interiors
  • Disinfecting all vital contact surfaces including steering wheel & controls, door handles, keys
  • Interior cleaning inspection
  • Check and refill wiper fluid
  • Odor eliminator spray
  • Exterior of vehicle, washed
  • Sterilized with ozone canon. We are the first rental company in Portugal that uses Ozone to kill all viruses and bacteria.
  • Quality check
  • Park the vehicle and disinfect driver area and controls
  • Seal the rental agreement with Yor car Crystal Clean and Safe stamp!
Image - clean and safe from Covid-19 Image - 13 point standard crystal clean and safe from Covid-19

Winner of the following awards:

Image - winner of We are Excellence awardImage - winner of 2016 PME Excellencia awardImage - 8-years of winning PME lider award Image - winner of PME lider award 2020 Image - winner of PME lider award 2020 Image - RAR awardImage - 10 years PME Excellencia award Image - NCA


➡ Yor car crystal clean steps

We clean and disinfect all returned cars thoroughly following Yor crystal clean 14 step process.

disinfect driver area Yor
disinfect controls
clean seats
car exterior wash
ozone canon
safe office social distance
safe office mask
safe office hand spray
×disinfect controls
disinfect controls

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